Animation Loop Station

The animation loop station is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of integrating motion capture and production control in performance animation. In standard studio-based mocap, the procedures of capturing, reviewing, editing and arranging motion capture material are typically distributed both in time and manpower. But what if you could control every aspect of every character in your scene as a single producer/performer in a short span of time? We take looping artists in music as an inspiration. Audio artists using loop stations have brought the integration of audio capture – playing an instrument, singing, beatboxing etc. – and production – the arrangement of several capture takes to create a whole piece to a perfection.


Walther-Franks, B., Biermann, F., Steenbergen, N., & Malaka, R. (2012). The animation loop station: Near real-time animation production. In International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC). Springer.


Benjamin Walther-Franks