LIVA is a live performance animation tool. LIVA enables presenters to create animated content, such as for science communication, with an easy-to-use motion-based interface. Its use is fast, and expressive enough to turn the process of animation to a fun activty not only for the presenter, but anyone watching her animate. Thus animations can be created live in front of the audience. This enables the presenter to involve the audience and tailor the animation content to the situation at hand. The audience benefits from custom-animated content to take home, and the ability to participate in a collaborative effort.

Next to standard mouse and keyboard input LIVA supports multi-touch input. It also features free-space gesture input through the Myo armband, and experimental control through Leap Motion and Kinect.

Several example scenarios of use for live animation in education have been explored so far. A complex matter for physics classes are how lunar eclipses and the solar system work. A typical dynamic subject matter in biology is the human’s respiratory and blood circulation systems. A geography class might study aspects of ecology such as the water cycle, for which dynamic illustrations can visualise the system. Sports education and training often involve team tactics for planning player’s movement.


LIVA originated as a student project. It is being maintained by Benjamin Walther-Franks