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| 01.03.2018

Prof. Bernhard Preim visited our Grad School Empowering Digital Media

In February, Prof. Bernhard Preim from the University of Magdeburg visited our Grad School [more]

| 20.01.2018

The Global Game Jam 2018 is right around the corner

In just a few days it will - once again - be Global Game Jam time. This year it will take place from January, 26th-28th 2018 and for the eighth year in a row the TZI and the Research Group Digital Media (Prof. Malaka) will...[more]

| 18.01.2018

Georg Volkmar joins the Digital Media Lab Bremen

At the end of last year, Georg Volkmar joined our research group as a new member of the "Adaptify" project.

In 2012 he began to study "Human-Computer Systems" at the university of Würzburg. During...[more]

| 18.01.2018

Doctoral Defense of Frederic Pollmann

At the end of last year, Frederic Pollmann successfully defended his doctoral thesis "Verwendung von Hover Detection zur Verbesserung der Texteingabe auf Smartphones" (Using hover detection to improve text input to...[more]

| 18.01.2018

Rainer Malaka Chair of IFIP TC14 in 2018

The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) is a multinational IT organization, and as an umbrella organization...[more]

| 15.12.2016

Interview of the Creative Unit with Deutschlandfunk

Lars Reisig, student assistant of the Creative Unit which the Digital Media working group is part of, presented the...[more]

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