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| 12.08.2016

Guest phd student from spain

For the next four weeks we have a guest from Spain: Beatriz
Escribano Belmar.

Beatriz has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2011) by the Faculty of CLM and
is specialized in the field of new media with a Research...[more]

| 11.05.2016

Open position for a scientific researcher

Open position for a scientific researcher at the project "first.stage" starting now. [more]

| 20.04.2016

DFG-Project Aimdata startet

DFG-Project Aimdata, „Anpassbare Interaktion mit materialwissenschaftlichen Forschungsdaten“ (adaptable interaction with research...[more]

| 22.03.2016

We present our Masterproject LIVA

The project develops interactive prototypes for the use in classrooms. Have a look at their project page![more]

| 15.03.2016

We give Anke Reinschlüssel a warm welcome as a new colleague of our Lab

This month Anke Reinschlüssel joined our research group. For her PhD thesis she will work on interaction topics apart from keyboard and mouse as well as join our team for the [more]

| 02.02.2016

Global Game Jam 2016

The Global Game Jam 2016 at the University of Bremen was a complete
success. The atmosphere was great and and thanks to the supporters the
participants were well supplied with drinks, pizza and soul food.  76[more]

| 27.01.2016

Scenic Route Generation

"New Scientist Magazin" reports on January the 25th on our "Autobahn"
system, which computes scenic routes instead of the fastest or
shortest routes. "[more]

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