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| 16.11.2016

Experiencing Algebra with All Senses

Scientists at the University of Bremen are developing interactive objects to help students understand abstract mathematical concepts intuitively[more]

| 18.10.2016

We welcome three new members to our research group!

Recently we got active support to our research group from three new members: Tarek Besold, Thomas Münder and Thomas Friedrichs. [more]

| 18.10.2016

Anke Reinschlüssel presenting at CHI Play 2016

Anke Reinschlüssel is presenting her paper about neurofeedback games at CHI Play 2016 in Austin, Texas, which is a collaborative work with Dr. Regan Mandryk. The Paper „[more]

| 19.09.2016

EU-Project first.stage started

Scientists at the University of Bremen’s Center for Computing and Communication Technologies (TZI) are developing computer-based tools for digital pre-production in film, animation and stage production. As part of the EU-project...[more]

| 15.09.2016

Nina Runge and Dirk Wenig at the Mobile HCI

At MobileHCI 2016 in Florence, Nina Runge and Dirk Wenig presented a paper (ScrollingHome: Bringing Image-based Indoor...[more]

| 12.08.2016

Guest phd student from spain

For the next four weeks we have a guest from Spain: Beatriz
Escribano Belmar.

Beatriz has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2011) by the Faculty of CLM and
is specialized in the field of new media with a Research...[more]

| 11.05.2016

Open position for a scientific researcher

Open position for a scientific researcher at the project "first.stage" starting now. [more]

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