Global Game Jam 2011

More Teams, More Games, More Fun!

BREMEN - A new year, a new Game Jam. Following last year's first Global Game Jam at the same venue, the University of Bremen was once again amongst the larger sites to host the simultaneous international game making event. More than 40 game-enthusiasts and creative minds registered to take part in the 48 hours game-development marathon to create their own computer or board games. Having more participants than last year, this year's Jam led to the production of the respectable sum of 12 games at our site, while the more than 6500 jammers at 169 locations around the globe managed to create an astonishing total of almost 1500 games during a mere three days.

A collage of some images from the Global Game Jam 2011 at the University of Bremen

For the second time in a row (following 2010) the Global Game Jam took place at the University of Bremen, lasting from the 28th until the 30th of January 2011. The event was organized and carried out by students of the Digital Media study program with the support of the graduate school Advances in Digital Media. The event could only take place as it did thanks to the generous financial support of the „Bremen IT + Medien e.V.“ that sponsored not only the nightly opening hours of the venue, but also free drinks and snacks to keep the participants of the GGJ "alive and running".

The "crunch time" for the organizers began on Friday afternoon with the preparation of the venue, which required the installation of a powerful projector and sound-system, as well as carrying in piles of snacks and drinks. Luckily the new computer science lab at the University of Bremen features a reliable electricity and WiFi infrastructure, thereby saving a lot of setup work for the organizers as compared to last year.

Starting at 3pm, the site opened for the participants who quickly formed teams following a short introduction to the Jam by the lead organizers Jan Smeddinck and Björn Mellies and the joint screening of the global keynote. With the global theme of "extinction" as an anchor for brainstorming, the groups then engrossed their minds for two hours, producing initial concepts that were then presented to - and discussed with - the rest of the participants.

The 48 hours deadline ended on Sunday at 4:30 pm. By then, all teams had to upload their work to the local and global server and subsequently present their results to the audience. After the entertaining five-minute presentations of each game, the participants took part in an online-voting to determine, amongst some alternative ratings, the winning game for the "Best Game of the GGJ 2011 at the University of Bremen" award. The game "Somyeol2D" that requires the player to guide a group of mind-sharing aliens to their home, in order to save them from extinction, emerged as a clear winner of this voting, due to its innovative game mechanics and funny implementation. The best three teams were awarded with restaurant vouchers and the winning game will also be mentioned in the influential German videogame production magazine "Making Games" and was nominated to compete amongst the best titles globally in the GameSauce challenge.

Both participants and organizers were able to enjoy the event and were notably happy with the outcome of this year's Game Jam. "It is really quite astonishing to see what's possible in just 48 hours", said co-organizer Jens Voges. In the end, once thing seems most certain and that is that a considerable number of volunteers and participants will come together next year to carry on with this remarkable and fun grassroots-event.

The 48-hours Game-Developers (GGJ Feature by Radio Bremen) [GERMAN]

Watch this video directly on the Radio Bremen website.

The Games of the GGJ 2011 in Bremen

The three best ranking games of the "Best Game of the GGJ 2011 at the University of Bremen" award:

    1. Winner of the Gamesauce Challenge
    1. Gameplay video:

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