Global Game Jam 2012

The largest GGJ in Germany

BREMEN - The Global Game Jam 2012 at the University of Bremen was a raving success. More than 100 graduates, undergraduates, professional developers and secondary school students registered to create games in a 48-hours non-stop session. Thanks to their great commitment and effort, 25 video games and one board game were developed during the course of a single weekend.

GGJ 2012 at the University of Bremen

Short Report

With 246 registered sites in 48 countries and more than 10,000 registered participants, the GGJ 2012 broke all previous records. During the game development marathon that happens simultaneously around the world, more than 2300 games were developed. Our local jam provided a notable portion of these numbers, sporting more than 100 registered participants and 26 games.

The fascination of collaborative creative work, the pressure of time and of course the joy of exchange about game concepts and prototypes, as well as the play-testing has allowed the third local jam at the University of Bremen to become a real success. The event was organized by a group of students around Jannik Waschkau, Kolja Lubitz and Björn Mellies. Jan Smeddinck joined the team as a supervisor and for the on-site moderation. On Friday afternoon, the large crowd of participants received a warm welcome by Rainer Malaka, the Professor of Digital Media at the University of Bremen, and jointly watched the keynote video of the international organizers and renown game designers.

During the following brainstorming and concept creation phase, the participants formed teams and developed initial game ideas and concepts. These were presented to all other participants in the form of posters and a one-minute madness session. After every participant had found a matching team and inspiring game-vision, the real action started. Except for short breaks for naps, joint pizza dinners or one of the 200 energy drinks were kindly donated - together with a pizza for every participant - by Contact Software GmbH, the teams designed, hacked, and tested away until Sunday afternoon. In a closing ceremony, all games were presented and demonstrated to the audience and the participants voted for their favorite game for the "Best Game of the GGJ 2012 at the University of Bremen" award. Thanks to it's great visuals and exciting multiplayer tower-defense gameplay, Sonic Brawl was able to grab the title. The game Tea Arena made the second place, followed by Despair on the third place. All three winning teams got awarded with cakes.

The voting included some further categories, such as "the funniest game" (THYFTHYF), "the best match to the global topic" (Ourob-NOM-rous), "the most creative game" and "best concept" (both Prima Nox), as well as the indispensable "Penguin Award" (reinKARMAtion), for the game that started with the most ambitious goals, but failed hard on trying to reach them.

Press & Links

The response of local news and media was especially great this year. Besides a TV-spot at Buten un Binnen (see below) the following sources reported about our local jam as well (some sources are not listed, since they are not available online):

Radio Bremen


Weser Kurier

Mobile Game Lab

EULe Blog

In addition to these announcements and reports, our live video-stream attracted more than 14,000 views during the weekend and was even featured on the international website. As it seems, there is a great and lasting public interest in this event, which really makes us look forward to the GGJ 2013.


Link to the registration page for the GGJ '12 at the University of Bremen:

GGJ 2012 Announcement & Registration

Global Orientiert und Verspielt (GGJ Bericht bei Radio Bremen)

Video auf der Seite von Radio Bremen anschauen.

Online Game Videos

EULe Live Dabei

Stefan Finke, a student at the University of Bremen and a participant of the GGJ created the following homebrew documentary that provides a great look at the GGJ-experience form a participant's point-of-view (German only).


Kind regards for the support to:

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