Global Game Jam 2013


With 319 jam sites in 36 countries (twelve new) and 16.705 registered participants, the Global Game Jam 2013 again broke all previous records. Over the weekend 3248 games were developed around the world. Also the fourth local jam at the University of Bremen was a great success: over sixty participants – students, hobby developers and professionals – designed and implemented 13 computer and two board games. The local event was organized by a group of computer science and digital media students around Anna Barenbrock, Daniel Böhrs, Dmitry Alexandrovsky, Georg Modzelewski, Philipp Dittmann and Toke Lichtenberg supported by Jan Smeddinck and Dirk Wenig from the TZI.

After a warm welcome by Rainer Malaka, the Professor of Digital Media at the University of Bremen, all the participants jointly watched two keynotes by Erin Robinson and Bret Victor and a message from Sid Meier, the famous creator of the Civilization game series. Afterwards, this year’s theme was announced: the sound of a heartbeat. During the following two hours the participants formed first teams and initial game ideas were developed. After a poster presentation of the concepts to all the other participants, the real action started. Partially without any breaks the teams designed, hacked, and tested for exactly 48 hours until on Sunday afternoon all games were presented to the audience. The results can be downloaded from the global website.

We thank our sponsors contruktiv, trafficmaxx, F1ELD and HandyGames for making this event possible!

The Global Game Jam

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is an event which takes place all over the world at the same time. Here will gamers become developers and create computer or board games within 48 hours.

Together with your team you will build up a concept, create levels and construct the game logic. In the end of this programming-marathon all groups present their games and the best ones will be elected by all participants. But the fun of deliberation, creation and gaming together with your team should still be the focus of the event. Teams can be built beforehand or can be formed at the event plaxe itself. You do not have to be a professional game developer, but it is important that you bring a bit of creativity and, of course, lots of enthusiasm. In the beginning you will get to know the secret topic of this Global Game Jam, which has to be part of your game. This gives you the opportunity to quickly transform your idea in a creative way. Additionally there will be an information about the rules for getting extra points for the game rating in the end.

The GGJ is an exciting, challenging and fun event, which offers enthusiasts as well as professional game developers the opportunity to come together in a very special setting.

Participation is free!

Time & Place

  • January, 25th-27th 2013
  • University of Bremen, Bibliothekstr. 1
  • Building: MZH, Floor 0
  • Rooms: P1 "Windows", P2 "Apple", P3 "Linux"

Preliminary Schedule

  • Arrival: Friday, January, 25th 15:00
  • GGJ Start: Friday, January, 25th 16:00
  • GGJ End: Sunday, January, 27th 17:00
  • Departure: Sunday, January, 27th 19:00


  • Apply for an account with a nickname and an email address at (the password will be sent via email)
  • Log in at
  • Choose "My Account" or follow
  • At the "Account" page change from "View" tab to "Edit" tab and then "Profiles"
  • Fill out your real name and additional (optional) information
  • Select "Germany - Bremen - University of Bremen Jam" as your GGJ 2013 location ("Jam Site")
  • If you have problems with the registration it will also be possible to register at the event itself - to do so you have to write an email beforehand with your real name to ggj2013(at)
  • Due to legal reasons all participants have to be at least 18 years old

What you should take with you

  • Warm cloth because it can be cold at night
  • A sleeping bag and a camping mat or similar if you want to
  • Food and drinks for 48 hours! We probably will be able to provide coffee, tea, softdrinks and snacks but real food has to be brought by the participants or ordered at your own expense.
  • For computer game development: Bring your own computer and software. Paper and pens might be helpful in the planning phase.
  • For board game development: Gaming materials (dices, chips, tokens, ...) and craft stuff (paper, pens, cardboard, glue, post-its, ...).
  • We will be able to provide some general software for creating graphics and computer games as well as some board game materials. But we strongly recommend to install the needed software beforehand and to bring your own materials.

Important Rules

  • Computer games have to be uploaded to the website either as a package or a browsergame.
  • Board games have to be presented as "print out games" (pdf format) and uploaded to the website.
  • All games have to include certain characteristics which will be announced in the beginning of the jam, so that every participant has a similar challenge to start off with.

Further Information and Links

Further information can be found at the website. Open questions can also be directly sent to the organisation team of the GGJ 2013 in Bremen: ggj2013(at)

Important: We offer WLAN (WiFi) internet access in the working area.

The handout offers all the information you need inklcuding a schedule:

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