| 10.01.2019

If You Ask Nicely

Students of the Digital Media study program together with Dr. Robert Porzel from the Digital Media Lab (both University of Bremen) conducted an experiment with 20 participants with a simulated courteous language assistant....[more]


| 16.10.2018

first.stage press conference in Linz

Our EU-project first.stage gave a press conference in Linz, Austria in mid of September presenting project results to the public. Using Virtual Reality and new 3D-technology time and money can be saved in the production of...[more]

| 09.10.2018

Participation in a study

For a study we ask for your assistance by participating in a survey:

The study aims to find out what motivate gamers to play games on gaming platforms, such as Smartphone, PC, Console. In this...[more]

| 26.09.2018

Nina and Dirk Wenig won 1st prize in CAMPUSiDEEN 2018

Our staff members Nina Wenig and Dirk Wenig won CAMPUSiDEEN ([more]

| 14.09.2018

New Doctoral Candidate Sebastian Höffner

Sebastian Höffner is  new member of Digital Media Lab.

Sebastian joined our lab in early July to work on the "Everyday Activity Science and Engineering" project, which aims to help robots to perform...[more]

| 26.04.2018

We welcome a new doctoral candidate

Recently, Mehrdad Bahrini joined our group. His interests lie within the design and development of user interfaces that represent data breaches of Android applications in an intelligible form. In particular, he is focusing on...[more]