Digital Media Lab Bremen at CHI 2018 in Montreal

| 14.05.2018

At the ACM SIGCHI Conference CHI 2018 in Montreal, employees of AG Digitale Medien Bremen were represented with a full paper, four posters and a workshop contribution to the workshop "Smart Objects". Anke Reinschlüssel presented her work on the use of electroluminescence displays in MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging). She researched how to successfully improve usability in needle positioning for prostate biopsy templates. Thomas Münder, Johannes Pfau, Georg Volkmar and Dmitry Alexandrovsky also represented the working group at the conference. Works on the following titles are now available for download from the ACM Digital Library:

Insert Needle Here! A Custom Display for Optimized Biopsy Needle Placement

Vibro-Band - Supporting Needle Placement for Physicians with Vibrations

Do You Think This is a Game? Contrasting a Serious Game with a Gamified Application for Health

Empowering Creative People: Virtual Reality for Previsualization

An Interactive-Shoe For Surgeons: Hand-Free Interaction With Medical 2D Data

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