Georg Volkmar joins the Digital Media Lab Bremen

| 18.01.2018

At the end of last year, Georg Volkmar joined our research group as a new member of the "Adaptify" project.

In 2012 he began to study "Human-Computer Systems" at the university of Würzburg. During that time, he developed an interest in usability and user experience research. In many projects and eventually his bachelor's thesis, he analyzed how to design graphical user interfaces intuitively. To achieve this objective, he investigated how to apply the concept of "Image Schemata" for the design process of user interfaces.

After that he enrolled in the master's program "Human-Computer-Interaction", where got interested in machine learning and multimodal interaction. For his master thesis, he created a serious game in the context of cultural heritage that helped players to enhance their knowledge regarding culturally relevant structures in their vicinity. His overall research interests involve serious games (especially mental health, cultural heritage), usability/UX research and entertainment computing.

Welcome, Georg!

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