Playful Tagging

Folksonomy Generation Using Online Games

Collaborative Tagging is a powerful method to create folksonomies that can be used to grasp/filter user preferences or enhance web search. Recent research has shown that depending on the number of users and the quality of user-provided tags powerful community-driven semantics or “ontologies” can emerge – as it was evident analyzing user data from social web applications such as or Flickr. Unfortunately, most web pages do not contain tags and, thus, no vocabulary that describes the information provided. A common problem in web page annotation is to motivate users for constant participation, i.e. tagging. In this paper we describe our approach of a binary verification game that embeds collaborative tagging into on-line games in order to produce domain specific folksonomies.

Markus Krause et al. (2009), Playful Tagging — Folksonomy Generation Using Online Games, WWW 2009