The research areas of our group can be roughly divided into the following categories.

The term Serious Games describes the use of games for serious applications. Based on the available Software-Development-Kits (SDKs) games are modded to fit scientific purporses.

The continuing pervasion of our lives with digital applications and services requires the design of appropriate interfaces between man and machine. Understanding human behaviour and the situations in which humans interact with machines allows the development of new and advanced interaction paradigms.

Human Computation or HC for short is a paradigm where humans solve problems that are easy for them but still difficult for computers.

This research area examines the employment of semantic technologies for enabling digital media systems and interfaces to understand the user's intention, the digital content at hand and themselves.

Geographic Information Systems, short GIS, are now an ubiquitous part of digital media. We develop algorithms and complete GIS solutions on different levels: interactive maps on the Internet, processing of aerial images and algorithms as for example automatic map matching.

Visual Computing includes the subtopics of Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Computer Vision. Research in these areas ranges from algorithms for image editing tools such as GIMP and Photoshop to 'understanding' images as well as generation and visualization of photorealistic threedimensional scenes.