Lutz Dickmann

Doctoral Candidate

University of Bremen - FB3
MZH 5070
Bibliothekstr. 1
D-28359 Bremen

Telephone: +49 (0)421 218-64413
Fax: +49 (0)421 218-64409
E-Mail: dickmann(at)


Short Academic CV

since 2010
Doctoral candidate within the Graduate School Advances in Digital Media,
funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation.
Dissertation topic: Context-based Techniques for Arrow Interpretation in Digital Diagram Sketching

IxD/UX consulting in industry projects and IxD/UX lectureships in design programs

Contextual Computing for Intelligent Systems
, M.Sc. Thesis by Lutz Dickmann and Tobias Lensing
(wins Contact Software Award 2009)

since 2002
RA/TA activities at/with
University of Bremen, Research Group Artificial Intelligence;
University of the Arts Bremen, Autoactive Systems;
FH Potsdam, Interaction Design Lab;
University of Bremen, Research Group Digital Media in Education;
University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Dept. of Architecture;
University of Texas at Dallas, anté Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems;
University of Bremen, Research Group Computer Graphics and Interactive Systems


Research Interests

Information Visualization

Sketch-based Interfaces

Pattern Recognition/Machine Learning

Experimental Semiotics

Contextual Computing



Lutz Dickmann, Tobias Lensing, Robert Porzel, Christoph Lischka, and Rainer Malaka, Sketch-based Interfaces: Exploiting Spatio-temporal Context for Automatic Stroke Grouping.  In Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Smart Graphics (SG10), Banff, Canada, June 24-26, 2010.

Tobias Lensing, Lutz Dickmann, and Stéphane Beauregard, A Framework for Review, Annotation, and Classification of Continuous Video in Context.  In Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Smart Graphics (SG09), Salamanca, Spain, May 28-30, 2009.

Milena Reichel, Lutz Dickmann, and Heidi Schelhowe, Smart Textiles Prototyping. Participating with New Ideas.  Workshop contribution to the ChiCI Annual Research Symposium 2007 (CARS07), Preston, UK, November 15-16, 2007.

Lutz Dickmann, Mari Jovan Fernan, Athanasios Kanakis, Katharina Kessler, Özlem Sulak, Peter von Maydell, and Stéphane Beauregard, Context-aware Classification of Continuous Video from Wearables.  In Proceedings of the 2007 Conference on Designing for User Experiences (DUX07), Chicago, Illinois, November 05-07, 2007.