Bachelor Project "EffAct"

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The EffAct-Project was founded in the "Digital Media" bachelor program - a cooperation of four universities in Bremen.For a whole year, a team of ten students has been working on the notion of blurring the borders between drama and technology, to develop a new interdisciplinary medium. While the project was carried out, it always focused on the protagonist of the theater. The idea was togrant performers on a stage more freedom by giving them the opportunity to control light , audio- and visual effects in realtime. However, the art of theater should not be disrupted in this attempt, the protagonist must retain flexibility in both decisions andmovements. The Motion Suit turned out to be the perfect input device for this purpose - the data it generates was used to control numerous versatile effects. With this method it is for example possible to play virtual drums, be chased by a trail of light on a screen or to control a spotlight by arm movement only. All of this is achieved by an appealing symbiosis of different digital working environments and a special stage construction. The EffAct-Project.