Student Projects

The concept of the interactive presentation tool LIVA follows the traditional classroom principle of how teachers capture and visualize content dynamically with blackboard and chalk. This principle was digitally implemented and expanded combined with new technology.

Im Movirwelt-Projekt (= mobile virtuelle Welten) wird ein mobiles Android-Spiel entwickelt, in dem der Spieler einen persönlichen Avatar erstellen kann.

Sportal is an exergame variant of the popular first-person puzzle game Portal 2. Players control the avatar with body motions such as running and jumping.

Der Grundgedanke des Projekts Showtime unterliegt der Interaktion analoger Bühnendarstellung und computergestützter, technischer Möglichkeiten der digitalen Darbietungen.

The project morph aims to transform lifeless and dreary places and buildings into interactive experiences to encourage engagement with the environment.

The Serious Games master project focuses on creating a computer game for people with Parkinson's disease.

The EffAct-Project was founded in the "Digital Media" bachelor program - a cooperation of four universities in Bremen.For a whole year, a team of ten students has been working on the notion of blurring the borders between drama and technology, to develop a new interdisciplinary medium.

The central concept to embodied interaction with computers is to utilize the specific meaning of human interaction in individual contexts to allow an intuitive use.

The idea for BlendaX was formed by students. Aim of the project is to explore graphics and interaction based on the open source software Blender. Possible ideas are new types of mixed reality interaction, easier creation of...

Aspects as mobile, interactive and location-based describe the product "Bremen Inside" at a glance. The aim is to develop a mobile city-portal for Bremen. As a first test environment the campus of the university was choosen.

An exploration of the possibilities of enriching live dance, music, and theatre performances with interactive digital media.