The student’s project Movirwelt (mobile virtual worlds) was a joint university initiative of the Digital Media Bachelor program in Bremen. Over one year 20 students developed a multi-player mobile augmented reality (AR) game called VirtualMe for modern smartphone running Android OS.

VirtualMe allows the players to create 3D avatars by combining different body parts such as head, torso and legs from given sets. They can be improved by letting them fight against other player's avatars in an augmented reality fighting arena. During a fight the characters can be controlled with the help of touch gestures. Tapping on a point on the screen prompts the character to walk to the corresponding position in the augmented reality world while attacks can be initiated with buttons on the display.

While developing the game it turns out that because the player has to keep the AR world in view designing controls for virtual characters in mobile AR games is even more challenging than controls in ‘pure’ virtual reality (VR) games. As a consequence of that, several interaction concepts based on combinations of both physical and virtual buttons and sensor input were proposed.

Currently, the different control concepts are implemented and evaluated in an upcoming Bachelor thesis.


Frederic Pollmann, Dirk Wenig, Mareike Picklum and Rainer Malaka (2013). Evaluation of Interaction Methods for a Real-Time Augmented Reality Game. In ICEC 2013: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Entertainment Computing, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg. (to appear)

Mareike Picklum, Georg Modzelewski, Susanne Knoop, Toke Lichtenberg, Philipp Dittmann, Tammo Böhme, Volker Fehn, Christian John, Johannes Kenkel, Philipp Krieter, Patrick Niethen, Nicole Pampuch, Marcel Schnelle, Yvonne Schwarte, Sanja Stark, Alexander Steenbergen, Malte Stehr, Henning Wielenberg, Merve Yildirim, Can Yüzüncü, Frederic Pollmann, Dirk Wenig, and Rainer Malaka (2012). Player Control in a Real-Time Mobile Augmented Reality Game. In M. Herrlich, R. Malaka und M. Masuch (eds.), ICEC 2012: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Entertainment Computing, vol. 7522 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 393–396, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg. [Download Poster as PDF] [Publication at SpringerLink]