Topics for Theses

Thomas Münder, Mail: thom(at), MZH 5120

  • Interaction to support creativity 
    • Reality-based interaction to support creativity in novice users
    • Supporting the creative process of 3D content creation
    • Playfull interaction to support creativity for 3D content creation
    • Social interaction to support creativity in cooperative 3D content creation
  • Performance control for the creation and control of special effects
  • Performance control for creation and control of animations in virtaul reality

R. Porzel, e-mail: porzel(at), phone: +49 421 218-64407, MZH 5330

  • Dialog systems
    • Context-adaptive natural language interface
  • Knowledge representation
    • Formal grammars and ontologies
  • Evaluation
    • Usability and performance testing in digital media

Dirk Wenig, Email: dwenig(at), Fon: +49 (0)421 218-64417, MZH 5390

Research Areas:

  • Navigation
  • (Mobile) HCI
  • Entertainment Computing

Topics for Theses: