NUIfy is an add-on for Blender that integrates input through natural user interfaces. It currently supports full-body skeleton input (via OSC), hand input (via Leap Motion WebSocket), multi-touch input (via TUIO), and speech input (via OSC).

It integrates NUIs in two ways. First, it provides direct access to NUI tracking data as Blender objects. Second, it provides the means for writing operators for skeleton, hand, touch, and speech event.

See our documentation wiki for instructions on how to use.


  • Tested with Blender version 2.77
  • Skeleton: requires an OSC server for skeleton data (currently only supports KinOsc)
  • Surface: requires a TUIO server (use Touch2Tuio to convert Windows 7 Touch Messages to TUIO)
  • Speech: requires a speech recognition app sending OSC (format /speech <words> <confidence>)
  • Hand: requires Leap Motion with Web-Apps enabled (must support JSON v6)


  • Copy the add-on folder into the Blender addon directory OR
  • Use the “install from file” function in the Addons tab of the Blender User Preferences
  • NUIfy should appear in the “System” category, check the box and save user settings


NUIfy v0.5 (2016/05/04)


Benjamin Walther-Franks