Aneta Takhtamysheva



Telefon: +49 (0)421 218-64420
Fax: +49 (0)421 218-64409

Universität Bremen
FB 03, MZH 5060
Bibliothekstr. 1
28359 Bremen



I come from a versatile background of visual arts, marketing, advertising, management of information systems, filmmaking and game design.


I am trying to address the major challenge of human computation games - attractiveness and sustained interest of players, while preserving data quality.

Consequently, I am interested in harnessing the energies that are brooding on online social networks and working on useful and yet playful social network applications.

See my first experiments with online social network and serious tasks with a merge of Questionnaires + Personality tests + Playful Environment here (Facebook login required).  This project is testing broader concept of serious tasks, which this time are not HC tasks.

My biggest project is a human computation game Architect (built in simple simulation genre), which targets social network players and offers them progress through the levels by tagging images and creating their own gaming content (game asset generation). The novelty of this approach is that unlike previous games the image tagging task is not the focal point, but rather one of the multiple activities that contribute to the fun of the game.


More information on the research materials of my PHD are here .

Teaching assistant:

Media Design Module: 3D Modelling with Cinema 4D

Media Design Module: Filmmaking course: Against the Grain



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