Embodied Interaction

FIRST MEETING: Friday the 11th of April at 10.00 am in the Master Room!


In human-computer interaction we got used to interfaces that use keyboards, mice, and joysticks. Despite all technological progress and development, the basic interaction patterns and input devices have not changed in the last decades. However, new trends postulate a rather radical change towards pervasive computers with interfaces that are so naturally usable that they literally become invisible for the users’ conscious perception. The interaction artifacts are “ready-to-hand” and the users derive their meaning from the interaction with them. Such a view on interactive artifacts has become popular in ubiquitous computing and is closely related to the notion of embodiment. Embodied interaction takes the user and the computer system within their context and physical environment into account. Applications are used in complex real-world settings and their meaning (for the user) will evolve in the course of action.

Through the use of algorithms and tools from computer graphics, video analysis, mobile and language technology, a new dimension in engaging interfaces is feasible. Applications of these Digital Media incorporating embodied interaction can be mixed reality games for entertainment or teaching, intelligent assistant systems, collaborative design tools in a number of different domains.

The integration of the physical space and stimulation of additional senses are building the base for the future of high-level interactive and immersive environments.