Advanced Topics in Computer Animation


Advanced Topics in Computer Animation (Englischsprachig)



 weekly Mo 09:00 - 11:00 MZH 5300 Seminar
               weekly Mo 11:00 - 13:00 MZH 5300 Lab

NOTE: This course starts on Monday, April 27!

Rainer Malaka

Benjamin Walther-Franks

Computer animation today plays a huge role in many entertainment, engineering, education and communication. Traditionally, animation has been the domain of specialists, and animation tools are highly complex and very technical. Yet the new demand in content brings with it a demand for faster and more intuitive animation interfaces in order to make this art form more accessible to beginners, part-time users or people from related professions.

The topic of this course are the latest trends in computer animation interfaces. We will cover the main methods of keyframe, performance and procedural animation and discuss latest research. We will take a human-machine interaction perspective and focus on recent efforts to make animation more accessible.

The format of the course is a combined seminar and lab. In the seminar part, students will get to know the state of the art through peer-presented reports on seminal papers and commercial solutions. In the lab part, students will increase their skill in digital animation and interface development through exercises and lab projects.

This is the preparatory course for the digital media master’s project “Direct Animation Interfaces” which will take place the following winter term.